About Havilah Speaks!

HAVILAH SPEAKS is a bespoke, interactive women’s blog that speaks to issues that relate to the  “Composite Woman” from the cradle to the grave.

It addresses the peaks, the blues, the temptations, the frustrations, the mystery, the myths and much more.

The target audience is women between the ages of 30 and 60 and all concerned men in their lives.

This blog which will run weekly. It promises to be engaging, an easy read with very down to earth examples, explanations, renditions, solutions and advice.

Please send your opinions, questions and suggestions to enable us serve you better.




4 thoughts on “About Havilah Speaks!

  1. This is a great vision. I like the methodology and the approach of the blog. The stories are relatable and Germaine issues are raised for serious conversation and contemplation

    Well done
    This is good, keep it up


  2. Loving special children:

    Very good write up and eye opener.
    We mostly take things for granted in Africa. We seldom pay attention to our health and do a lot of home therapy. Take home here is that every pregnant woman must take any slight abnormality very serious and consult the doctor immediately .

    Thank you Havila.



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