Phew…as I wipe the sweat off my brows I cannot help but wonder – how fast the year 2022 has gone. Since February this year, Havilah’s laptop has clattered incessantly to bring to our readers’ consciousness one topical issue after another. I want to appreciate all our readers and contributors from far and near who have served as sources of encouragement throughout the year, without whom the exercise would have been worthless. Thank you so very much.

The holiday season is indeed a time for relaxation and bonding with family. It is a busy time of various family engagements with loved ones and Havilah recognizes that need. Catching up with the various family engagements, shopping, cooking, family bonding time, weddings, birthdays, picnics, etc. is indeed energy consuming and Havilah will not belabour you with making time out to read as well.

I just want to wish you Happy Holidays as I take time out to enjoy the holiday season as well. See you in 2023, as I pray that we all cross over successfully into the year and that the advent year will portend much greater and more beautiful things in our lives.

Once again, happy holidays and let’s clink glasses to a Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  1. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year. We trust the year 2023 will bring more interesting posts. Kudos Havilah!!!


  2. Hi Havilah
    Thank you so so much for being a comfort to me during the year.
    I appreciate every episode on a weekly basis. Sometimes I just do not respond because I see my very self in the topic/post. All I can say, we are all victims one way or the other.
    The festive season is here and let us make the best out of it and be happy.
    I wish you a happy holiday Havilah and a blessed and prosperous 2023.

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